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$15,390 - Br/Ba -  for Sale in Hayes Mill Landing, Granite Falls
25,264 Sqft lot
0.58 Acre lot
5641 Marble Stone Drive Unit 3 Granite Falls , NC 28630
Status: Active
Property Type: Acreage
$13,000 - Br/Ba -  for Sale in Hayes Mill Landing, Granite Falls
33,976 Sqft lot
0.78 Acre lot
5675 Marblestone Drive Granite Falls , NC 28630
Status: Active
Property Type: Lot
$11,900 - Br/Ba -  for Sale in Paradise Harbor, Connelly Springs
65,340 Sqft lot
1.50 Acre lot


Lake Rhodhiss (pronounced “Road-hiss” by the locals) was formed in 1925 with the creation of the Rhodhiss dam.

Lake Rhodhiss is just smaller than it’s neighbor to the east (Lake Hickory) and has 90 miles of shoreline with a surface area of approximately 3,060 acres. Some beautiful mountain views can be seen from this lake and full pond elevation is 995.1 feet. There are four public boat access areas and one bank fishing area on the lake in cooperation with the North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission.

Lake Rhodhiss has long been the forgotten lake on the Catawba River chain and really didn’t see any development until the early 2000s. However, in the past 19 years, the Lake has really taken off with several large lakefront communities on the north and south shores of the Lake. The explosion of interest can be attributed to several factors.

  1. Clean Waters Lake Rhodhiss is the second lake from the top of the Catawba River chain (just east of Lake James)

    Thus it has some of the cleanest/clearest waters in the area. Fish and game from the lake are safe to eat and the nearby town of Granite Falls pulls it’s drinking water directly from the lake.  Another factor is the small amount of homes on the Lake.  With only 100 or some homes on the lake there are many portions of the lake where you are the only person around and with all the protected natural shoreline, lack of waves, and boat traffic the lake continues to be very clean and clear.

  2. Location For those wanting the feel and views of the mountains but more moderate temperatures this is your location.

    Located just north of I-40 in western North Carolina just between the cities of Hickory and Morganton you find yourself right at the foot of the Blue Ridge Mountains.  Annual snowfall will average between 6 and 10 inches so you can still get a little taste of the mountains but for the most part you are just south of the snow line yet can take in views of the mountains all year round.

  3. Nature A large portion of the Land surrounding the lake is owned by Duke Energy

    who maintains that their plan is to keep Lake Rhodhiss a naturalistic lake. As a matter of fact, they have put into place several restrictions over the past years making it harder to get a dock permit as well as how much of a homesite can be cleared.  With all this vacant land around the lake Wildlife abounds.  It’s an almost daily sight to see beaver, raccoon, blue heron, and muskrat along the shoreline of this lake. It’s almost impossible to take a drive through the lakefront community of Paradise Harbor and not see one of the several flocks of turkey that live in the pine forest. Tougher to find species but present in the area are whitetail deer, black bear, and soaring bald eagles. This lake is second to none in North Carolina for wildlife viewing.

  4. Excellent Pricing – Post recession this lake has really had some excellent values

    Looking for Lake and mountain views on a waterfront property but don’t want to pay the Lake James pricing?  This is the Lake.

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